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The role of AI in the future of roads maintenance with FMConway and RoadBotics

January 27, 2021

The latest episode of The Engineers Collective looks at how artificial intelligence (AI) could transform how highway maintenance work is planned and prioritised.
Joining NCE editor Claire Smith and features editor Nadine Buddoo special guests FM Conway consultancy director John Holliday and Roadbotics senior partner for success lead Stew Frick talk about the introduction of AI-led highway maintenance planning to the UK and discuss the challenges speed bumps and hot rolled asphalt initially presented to the task.

John was instrumental in bringing RoadBotics to the UK and to date his team has surveyed more than 3,000km of road network on behalf of seven highway authorities including Highways England, Transport for London and the City of Westminster.

Stew talks about the AI technology behind the system and the potential for it to be used on footpaths and feed into wider management systems in the future.
The AI discussion follows on from a news update from Claire, head of content and engagement Rob Horgan and reporter Catherine Kennedy about futuristic and aspirational engineering projects that have been inspiring NCE’s readers in the last few weeks.

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